Introducing: The Latino Vote


Explosive! That’s the only way we can describe what’s happening with the growth in the Latino community and the impact we’re about to have in political campaigns around the country during the midterms.

For decades we have worked – on both sides of the aisle – trying to prepare our respective political parties for what is happening now. Sometimes they’ve listened, sometimes they haven’t. Along the way and with thousands of campaigns under our belt, we’ve seen what
works and what doesn’t.

The Latino Vote website was created to share those insights with a country undergoing tremendous change. The complexion of our society is changing, our politics are changing and our campaigns are changing. The Latino Vote website was created to provide you with a place
to see those changes documented daily.

We’ll be bringing you all the days news from the country’s newspapers covering Latino politics.

We’ll be bringing you thoughtful op-ed pieces from opinion leaders in the Latino community.

We’ll be bringing you the latest polling data covering our community and offering analysis, commentary, advice and criticism where we think it’s needed.

The Latino voter will determine who controls the House and Senate in the 2022 midterms and who will be the President in 2024. On The Latino Vote podcast and on this new website, we explain why.

America is changing. Latinos are the second largest ethnic voting bloc in the country and growing fast. We’re here to document the story of that change and we’re looking forward to you joining us on the journey.

Mike Madrid and Chuck Rocha

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